Monday, December 15, 2008

Paeton's Clapping All The Time!

Despite how busy Jodi and I were this weekend prepping for our final week at work before the holidays, many social functions and our big trip to NJ, we had lots of quality time with Paeton which we've captured below. Paeton is literally doing something new every day recently. It is so exciting for us seeing her grow and develop. Since she's our first, everything is such a big deal to Jodi and I.

Paeton's latest thing that she LOVES to do all the time is clapping. It is honestly, the cutest thing ever! Everytime we say "Yeaaaahh" she starts to clap her hands together. I tried to capture it below so check it out. She also loves to stand in the kitchen and hold onto the cabinets. She's definitely expressing the fact that she wants to be with Jodi and I a lot. So, while I was doing some baking this weekend, I let her play in the kitchen with the cabinets, a wooden spoon and my measuring cups. It was too cute!

Playing with her beach ball from Gymboree.

Hanging out in the kitchen with mom.

Getting excited for clapping....



And still clapping!

Eating green beans - definitely not as yummy as her YoBaby yogurt!

Just an extra pic I added - I made my first diaper cake for a co-worker's shower this week. She's having a boy and naming him Jack. It was really easy to make and didn't take a lot of time at all. All you need are diapers (50 for this size), rubber bands a bottle and decorations. Such fun and a practical but unique gift :)

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