Monday, December 8, 2008

Paeton gets a new play space

Jodi and I decided to give Paeton her Christmas gifts a little early since we'll be gone for Christmas in NJ. We built her a little play space on the main floor of our house in the living room. We pieced together a play mat and although you can't tell from the pictures below, we spelled out "Paeton Ulrich" at the top of it. It was Jodi's idea - it came out super cute! We constructed a few cubes from the extra pieces to the mat and we gave her the rocking snail for her to ride. She just loved it! She wanted to ride on it forever! She also got the little toy you can see below that she's playing with - it's one of the intermingled wire toys that she can push the wooden blocks around on. She really loved that too. We organized the rest of her small toys in the baskets on the shelves on the wall. Overall, it came out pretty nice and she's thrilled with it.

Paeton's new play space!
Riding on her rocking snail - so happy!

So big on her snail :)

Close Up!

Just a happy little girl :)

Doesn't want to get off!

Finally getting tired.

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