Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Here's some pix from our four day stay in Oshkosh this weekend. We arrived early Thursday morning and stayed till Sunday morning - leaving just before the snow storm hit. On Thanksgiving day, we had a wonderful meal at Mark & Karen's with family and friends. Paeton and her 3 cousins got a chance to play together and visit with each other which was really nice because we don't get to see them too often.

On Friday, we all got together for breakfast and then everyone besides Jodi and I went off to the forest to get their Christmas trees. Jodi and I decided to put up a fake one this year instead of a real one since we will be in New Jersey for the holidays. We helped Mark and Karen prepare the house for the holidays and set up the tree while watching "Christmas Vacation" and drinking margaritas. We had a good time and didn't break any ornaments!

Saturday, Jodi and I helped Mark and Karen get ready for the small gathering they were having that evening. We did lots of cooking, baking and decorating. We had a really fun time and ate lots of good food!

I hope you enjoy the pictures below that recap our weekend. Also, I've decorated the blog for the holidays as you can see. Enjoy :)

Paeton and Fern playing on Thanksgiving Day.

All 4 cousins in one picture - Fern & Paeton playing while Leo & Irie watch a movie.
Grandma Karen holding Paeton and Aunt Laura holding Fern.

Fern clearly having a great time!

Friday morning - Paeton & George, her first BFF.
Paeton dressed up like a mitten :)
Irie, Paeton and Fern. Paeton looks like she's had too much egg nog :)

Paeton and Aunt Joanie at breakfast Friday morning. 2 peas in a pod!

Ryan, Laura & the kiddies getting their Christmas tree on Friday.

Paeton (with no pants on) visiting her godparents Friday evening.

Me & P fooling around....like mother, like daughter.

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