Friday, December 5, 2008

P just being P

Here's a bunch of random photos from the past week or so of "P just being P". Paeton turned 6 months on November 20 of which we endured those dreaded shots. This was our hardest round of shots yet - Paeton was near inconsolable afterwards. We sat in the doctor's office for awhile afterwards recovering!

Paeton is growing each and every day which we can tell by how many articles of clothing we toss into the "too small" bin. She loves to play with all her toys and plays very well on her own. She is very independent - definitely doesn't need someone to hold her or sit with her every minute of the day. We think she gets that from the daycare being that she has to share all day long.

Her recent big thing is standing and playing. She wants to stand next to the couch, an ottoman, the coffee table or by a toy and play with it. She can stand for quite some time on her own before she decides to topple over. She may just skip crawling and start walking instead - we'll see!

Paeton playing in her Jumperoo - she LOVES this thing!

Leaving for school one day.

Our first big snow fall. Here's a shot from our front porch.

Super P, Super Cute.

Breaking out the holiday gear.

Everything is SO FUNNY these days.

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