Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Bedtime

Here's some pictures of Paeton getting ready for bed the other night. We played dress up in her room first. This night she was going to a luau - so fun! Thanks to my cousin for the cute outfit :)

Our little hula girl :)

Shaking those hips!

Tub time - reading her fish book that my parent's got for her in Hawaii.

Chewing on the book a little bit.

Putting pajamas on - in the winter we get her dressed for 'night night' in the bathroom where it's warm after her bath. She loves it!

Everyone in our house participates in putting Paeton to bed. Here's Jodi reading her books while Kona and Brewer stand guard. I'm always behind the camera....

Daddy/Daughter time. Paeton loves this book!

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