Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here's a recap of our weekend with pictures to follow along.
Getting ready to leave for school this past Friday. Paeton is sporting a pair of 'Baby Legs' which are leg warmers for our little ones. They allow you to change diapers in a snap which was key this day because our little P was pooping hourly. She had a little stomach virus that was moving through her so to speak :)
Here's a better view of how you can make these work. She just has a onesie on with a graphic tee on top, cardigan sweater and then the baby legs. No pants to pull down, no shoes to take off. It's a snap and still a cute look for the little one! Can you tell my boss is the SVP of Art, Trend and Design???
Paeton was invited to her first birthday party for her friend Hannah who turned 2. It was an elmo themed party and here's the card I made for her.
Paeton at the party - a little shy at first.
All 3 of us having a great time.
Paeton movin' and groovin' at the party.
Hannah with her very delicious Elmo cake.

Paeton playing with Hannah's new kitchen - she loved it!
Paeton's first ride as a big girl in the shopping cart. I'm sure other shoppers in Sam's Club thought I was nuts taking pictures of her but I don't care!

Having a great time shopping with mommy and daddy.

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