Monday, January 5, 2009

Paeton's Snack Drawer & New Car Seat

Yesterday we decided to move all of Paeton's food supplies from the pantry in the laundry room to what used to be our snack drawer in the kitchen. We were making too many trips back and forth every time we needed a new bib, more food or my famous stunt - needing a clean spoon since I'm always dropping the baby spoon on the floor and making a big mess!

P checking out her snack drawer - she picked up some spoons on the way.

Picking out her own food for lunch.

Sitting in the snack drawer.

Munching on a snack - P you have to open the packaging first!

Such a silly girl.

Daddy taking the snack away - time to come out of the drawer.

Last night we put together P's new car seat as she was too tall for her infant carrier. And to be honest - we were sick of carting that heavy thing around!

Paeton was delighted to test out her new comfy seat. Even has her own cup holder (not pictured - we didn't put it on yet!)

Doesn't she look like she's on a roller coaster about to take off?

Smiley face :)

Happy New Year everyone - we're all back to work today and back to reality!

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