Monday, January 19, 2009

Paeton's Baby Dedication

We celebrated Paeton's Baby Dedication yesterday and what a great day we had. Our church only holds the dedications twice a year so this was the next available one we could get on the list for. The service was at 9:30am at Spring Creek Church. Jodi's parents, Paeton's godparents (John & Brooke) and our good friends Kate & Brian were all in attendance. Around 15 families were participating in the ceremony so it took some time :) Somehow all the babies on stage managed to not say a peep - what a miracle!

Paeton wore the dress I was baptised in 27 years ago which made things so special for me. My mom had kept this dress safely stashed away for all these years so my children could enjoy the same things as I did. What a treasured moment as I dressed Paeton in the outfit yesterday morning. She looked like such an angel especially with her bracelet from Grandma Marx (adorned with 3 charms - a cross, her initial & a picture of Jesus) and her cross necklace from Grandma Karen (with pink stones in it). Neither Grandma knew the other one had gotten her a piece of jewelry - they matched perfectly! Paeton also wore a very special bib that had her name embroidered in it.

I think she knew yesterday was a special day. She was SO EXCITED getting in her princess dress before church. She kept clapping her hands together and flashing me that darling smile she has. As you can see by how I'm going on and on....I felt she looked just amazing. Such a mommy/daughter moment.

I've recapped as best I can with the pictures I had below. I'm getting more pictures from Karen and Brooke so I'll keep updating as they come in. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Paeton in her entire dedication ensemble.
Paeton clapping her hands together in excitement.

Paeton showing off the entire dress. She's sitting on a white blanket my nana had made for me when I was her age.

Paeton and Grandma Ulrich snuggling at our house after the ceremony.

Paeton saying a little prayer.

Paeton showing off her bracelet. She did so well wearing this all day. Never tried to take it off which was such a miracle!

Christening balloons for Paeton - everything was themed violet in honor of her middle name :)

Having a great time at the reception at our house.

Trying to crawl in that big dress!
Paeton with her Godparents, John and Brooke.
No morning nap + lots of people = meltdown for P :(

All better now - here's Paeton pictured with daddy and daddy's Godparents, Mike & Joan.

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Jenna said...

Hi! I found your blog because I have a Google alert to tell me when anything on the web mentions Laina's Laundry, and since you have a link to my blog, it showed up. Anyways, thanks again for your order (which is in the mail) and also a big thank you for putting my blog on your blog! I also saw you read the Mama Manifesto which is one of my favorites, too.

Also, Paeton is just SO absolutely beautiful I had to comment!!!