Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Party

Friday was Paeton's 'Pumpkin Patch Party' at her daycare - an event we always look forward to! Paeton had a ton of fun with her classroom friends. There was a Mad Science presentation to start off the event and then lots of yummy snacks, games to play and of course dancing! Paeton's favorite part of the event was standing in front of the bubble machine giggling and popping bubbles.

Here's Paeton before she got dressed in her costume.

Transformed into a ladybug.

Sitting nicely with her friends watching the presentation.

Reading books with her friends and their parents.

Classroom picture!

So thirsty...

Snack time. Paeton's favorite item: the cheeseballs.
Flashback from last year when Paeton was only 5 months old - she was a lobster.

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