Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Elmo, Horses & Monkeys?

Hi Everyone! After not blogging for several weeks, I figured I'd do a collaborative entry with a few 'Non-Christmas' events we did before the holidays came. So...here we go!

The weekend of Thanksgiving, we took Paeton downtown to see Sesame Street Live - featuring her current idol, Elmo. A friend of mine at work had her a lady she knows who's a stellar seamstress make Paeton an Elmo dress for the show. It turned out so adorable. This picture shows Paeton getting excited for her breakfast before the show - we're at Big Apple Bagels.
Here we all are before the show started.
Here's Paeton standing on Jodi's lap intently watching the show. We had a ton of fun.

Paeton recently got into playing with horses. And she's determined she's too old for her high chair and has to sit on one of the big stools at the island. She's lined her horses up 'just so' in front of her cup - that's the way she likes them.

So happy to be at the big girl table.
My little girl is now big.

Friday Dec. 11 I planned a family night for the 3 of us. It really was just a ploy to keep Jodi out of the house while I had his christmas gift hung on the wall - more about that later. We went to dinner at Chilis and then over to Monkey Joe's. This was our first time and we had so much fun! This slide was super steep!

Paeton had a smile on her face the entire time.

So much fun with our little girl!
Now onto the holidays....

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