Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas: Ringoes, NJ 2009

We arrived in NJ, after 2 days of trying to leave Milwaukee, happy and safe. The east coast was hit with a terrible storm the day we were leaving. I think Paeton and I spent over 12 hours in an airport between Saturday and Sunday - for a 1 hour and 58 minute flight. Unreal! This is the morning after we arrived - lots of snow on the ground but my dad cleared the driveway perfectly, the sun was shining and Paeton ran around crazy in the yard.

My dad also cleared a snow tubing path down the front of their yard for Paeton to go sledding. This was her first time in this snowsuit, in a tube flying down the hill.

She loved playing in the snow!

And she loved getting tube rides from Grandpa!

I think she may be eating a little snow in this picture!

She also loved swinging in her swing - Grandma always pushes her SO HIGH!

Here's Paeton and Jodi opening a few gifts on Christmas Eve. Paeton's hair is still wet from taking her bath earlier - she had to get all shined up for Santa!

My sister and Paeton have really formed a good Aunt/Niece bond. Paeton so fondly calls her 'shell' after her name Michelle. Michelle gave Paeton this doll stroller on Christmas eve and we learned quickly that Paeton was satisfied with that one gift.

Christmas Morning: I had a very rough evening. I was sick all night long and barely slept. I made it to the couch with the little energy I had left. I just wanted to see Paeton open her gifts. Here she is waiting patiently to open gifts with her ponies and baby doll bottle on the couch.

That's me on the left barely alive on the couch. As you can see, Santa really outdid himself this year.

Paeton has been obsessed with the potty for a few months now. She received a potty for her baby dolls but felt that she should try it out first. She opened many of her gifts sitting on the potty.

My sister did such a good job of helping Paeton explore her gifts and put stuff together. Paeton's hair is a little wild this day - mommy had no energy to fix it. But...it's pretty classic Christmas morning hair right?

Giving her fish a kiss.

Playing with Aunt Michelle - still sitting on the potty.

Getting a new hat!
We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and were so happy to have made the trip despite the airport delays, illness and the black eye I got. Oh...I forgot about that. Paeton jumped in the bed with Jodi and I one night and had a little too much sugar that day. She threw herself backwards and her head hit my left cheekbone just right. I've been purple since. Tis' the season to be jolly!!!!

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