Tuesday, December 1, 2009

18 Month Update

My little Paeton turned 18 months on 11/20. I haven't really updated everyone on what's she up to recently so I figured I'd take this opportunity to do that. This picture shows how her hair has really come in since she turned one.

Here she is a day before she turned one - lots of hair in 6 months!

Paeton is 'high-energy' all the time but knows when she needs a break (like below) to just chill. She will watch a 1/2 hour video without getting up off the couch.

Paeton loves her dolls these days. She understands changing their diapers, giving them bottles, feeding them with a fork, walking them in the stroller and wrapping them in blankets.

On a side note - she has very versatile hair just like mommy. She can wear it straight or curly. Below it is straight and finally long enough for a high ponytail!

I think that Paeton looks so old in this picture. Where did my baby go?

Paeton is very close with all her friends in her classroom. She talks about them often at home. This is how their names sound when she says them:
  • Desmond = "Desy"
  • Ezri = "Ezi"
  • Sebastian = "Bashy"
  • Madison = "Mason"
  • Tanner = "Tanuh"
  • Bella = "Ella"
  • CJ = "CeeAy"
  • Teacher Ashley = "Ashee"
  • Teacher Kristin = "Kissin"

We are so thankful that Paeton loves her daycare and learns so much when she is there.

We are still baby-proofing the house. At first, we thought it just meant putting those plastic pieces in all the outlets. Boy were we wrong. We then purchased gates and gated all the stairs. Then we realized she was opening all the cabinets. So Jodi put locks on all the cabinets. Then she opened the back door and got out. So we put baby proof handles on all the exterior doors. Now she's taken to all the drawers in the house and can reach high enough to get a fork out. So Jodi locked all the drawers this weekend. Below you can see she's now tall enough to reach even our highest tables. And of course you all saw her on our dining room table...What's next?

Favorite Toys:
  • Any sort of flashcards (we don't know where this came from?)
  • Baby Dolls
  • Dishes
  • Anything associated with animals
  • Balls - rolling them, kicking them
  • Puzzles

Paeton is also talking, talking, talking. Most of the time we understand what she is saying but sometimes it's just jibber jabber - just as cute though!

That's our 18 month old in a nutshell - and we love her so much!

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