Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner for 6

Sunday night we attended our Dinner for 6 at the Krause's house. Even though the meal was fantastic (thanks Alyssa!) the highlight was definitely watching Paeton, Eva and Luke playing together. Paeton found this bouncy horse right away in the basement and was thrilled to jump up and down on it.

Eva shrieked with delight watching Paeton go crazy on this thing!

Here's Paeton and Eva banging some of Luke's trains on the sliding glass door. They thought this was SO funny.

These two just loved playing together and posing for pictures.

Eva (18 months) and Paeton (23 months)
Luke, Eva and Paeton - although only the two to the left are siblings, I think this picture makes them all look like a little family.

Paeton giving her friend a little love.

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