Monday, April 12, 2010

Handy Man Jodi

The utility sink in our laundry room has been out of commission for months...probably due to lack of effort on our part. It had started to leak before Christmas so Jodi shut the water off and there she sat. We finally had our friend Mike come over (2 weeks ago) to assess the sink...and he basically said we needed a new faucet. So, we went Saturday to Home Depot, picked out a new faucet and Jodi installed it all by himself despite my recommendation to invite Mike back over for supervision. Jodi is not a 'handy man' and he will admit this. But, he did a great job fixing the sink and I've decided I do not give him enough credit for what he does do to keep our house functioning. So thanks hun for the new sink - it works perfect!
On a side note, William got very used to the leaky sink and all the drips of water he would catch in his mouth. He's very sad that has gone away.

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