Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Basket #1

Jodi and I decided to give Paeton her easter basket from us on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday because A) we had plenty of time to do it (i.e. no rush) and B) she is super spoiled and was receiving several easter baskets. We told her she could look for her basket as soon as her breakfast was finished - this is her rushing. Looking back at these pictures just makes me laugh - she's in her Packers t-shirt (she loves sports) and she has crazy hair - not my vision for easter but it worked.

Just found her basket and is starting to open each plastic egg.

Big carrot!

Jodi helping her open a new puzzle that was in her basket.

She loves tennis balls - especially the super bright yellow ones. She received a whole bag of them in her basket to use outside.

Our little bunny.

Her basket from us before it got all torn apart.
Also in the basket was a new truck and 2 new books to read. She had a fun time playing with everything before we left for Oshkosh that morning.

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