Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Basket #2

Saturday, we spent the day in Oshkosh with Jodi's family to celebrate Easter. Jodi's parents had an easter egg hunt for the 4 grandchildren. I didn't know if Paeton would understand yet what was going on - but she totally did! It was SO windy and chilly even though the sun was shining. That's why we're all bundled up.

Here's Paeton finding an egg.

Our niece, Irie - almost 6 yrs old.

Our nephew, Leo - almost 4 yrs old.

Our niece, Fern - almost 2 yrs old and 1 week older than Paeton.

Paeton and I finding an egg in the tree.

Paeton so excited about finding all those eggs - her arms are full.
Some of the fish in Grandpa Ulrich's pond.

Easter eggs I had colored earlier that day while Paeton was sleeping.

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