Monday, April 12, 2010

Paeton's Treehouse

Paeton's daycare is having a special week this week called "Week of the Young Child". Part of this event entails each family bringing in a model of either their house, one of their parent's occupations (fire house, hospital, etc) or a special place they like to go. All the models will be put together into a huge village displayed at Paeton's daycare. Paeton is really into being in her 'own space' these days so we decided to build a treehouse representing her space. We went to Michaels on Saturday to get supplies and then Jodi and I spent about an hour Saturday night (after Paeton went to bed) constructing this tree house. I never thought Jodi would help me with this but he totally did and it was actually really fun building it together. We used a lot of foam pieces and a hot glue gun. And just for the record, the sign to the right of the stairs says 'No Boys Allowed'. After we were done I reminded Jodi that this would probably be the first of many school projects we'll be working on!

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