Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Impulse Buy

This Big Red Ball somehow wound up in my cart during a shopping trip to Aldi this week...don't know how :)  It took me 3 days to blow up and 2 recharges of the electric pump.  The kids anticipated the completion of this amoeba each day and finally it made its debut at 8pm tonight.  Evan was already in bed but Paeton's friend and our neighbor Makayla was over to enjoy it.  The girls pushed each other around for quite some time.  When Makayla had her turn in the ball, Paeton chased her on her horse.  Hopefully this lasts all summer because I don't have the energy to blow it up anymore!

1 comment:

Krista Warren said...

So funny because I totally had that thing in my hand to buy yesterday! However, I put it back and decided to go with the more familiar zebra baby pool:) Looks like fun!