Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moon Dough

Paeton had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday and to be honest, was spoiled rotten by all the fun and thoughtful presents from her family and friends.  Now that she's getting a little bit older, a lot of her toys require my help.  We opened the toys that she could 'share' with Evan on Sunday.  We filled a box up of the more complicated, small piece, crafty gifts and I told her that each day during Evan's nap, we could pick something out and open it up.  Today she chose Moon Dough. 

I'll be honest...I'm not a huge PlayDoh fan.  I was thinking Moon Dough would be similar but it surprisingly was not.  It was awesome!!  It doesn't stick to anything, it never dries out, the colors don't mix together and it was really fun to play with.  We made popcorn, ice cream cones and pretzels.  It was the cutest toy and we had a great time out of the patio.

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