Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Thanks Mark & Karen for watching the kids - they had a great time!

5 Years

Jodi and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend.  Wow...I can't believe it has been 5 years.  I actually feel like it has been a lot longer since we've been together for 9 years....dated for 2 years, engaged for 2 years, married for 5 years. 

Jodi's parents hosted Paeton and Evan for the weekend which was a huge blessing.  We were able to enjoy 2 1/2 days of relaxation, fun, good food and reconnecting at the American Club in Kohler, WI.  I highly recommend this resort...just incredible service and attention to detail.  Well worth it. 

Here's a few pix from our trip.
Whistling Straits Golf Course
Dinner Night #1
Relaxing lakeside at the Sports Core
The little beach and lake we spent some time by Sunday morning
Horse & Carriage ride to dinner, Night #2
A picture with the horsey for Paeton.
Spa Day!
One of my yummy dinners.
My gift from Jodi...an addition to my ring.  SO.PRETTY.

Thanks for planning such an amazing weekend Jodi...I loved that all I had to do was come and love you because that's.so.easy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Impulse Buy

This Big Red Ball somehow wound up in my cart during a shopping trip to Aldi this week...don't know how :)  It took me 3 days to blow up and 2 recharges of the electric pump.  The kids anticipated the completion of this amoeba each day and finally it made its debut at 8pm tonight.  Evan was already in bed but Paeton's friend and our neighbor Makayla was over to enjoy it.  The girls pushed each other around for quite some time.  When Makayla had her turn in the ball, Paeton chased her on her horse.  Hopefully this lasts all summer because I don't have the energy to blow it up anymore!

Recordable Artwork

Paeton chose her gift of 'Recordable Artwork' as her present to open today during Evan's nap.  I loved this gift.  Paeton gets to paint a canvas, let it dry, frame it and then record herself describing what she painted.  Right now it's out on the deck drying.  I can't wait to see what she says :)  She also made a card for her daddy today.  She makes cards every day for a different person.  While she was making her card for daddy, we talked about how hard Dad works each day so we can spend our days together.  She said, "Dad also works hard so we can go to Disney!". 

Zoo Date w/Allie

Some of my favorite pictures from our trip to the zoo today with Paeton's friend Allie and my friend Karen.  I love watching Paeton form friendships with girls her age and that she will go to school with.  I love seeing them interact with each other, be silly together, share, and compete.  Paeton and Allie are a good match - they both chat nonstop, they both try to outdo each other and they both are opinionated.  We had a great time - even Evan who got to tag along too.  His eyes shut the second I put the car in drive.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 20th

We celebrated Paeton's actual birthday on Sunday May 20.  We ate some yummy grilled out burgers care of Jodi and followed that up with a 'Happy Birthday' tune and cupcakes.  The kids loved the cupcakes and celebrating together once again.  Can't get enough of those cupcake faces!

Pewaukee Lake

After an exhausting Saturday, we decided to kick back, enjoy the warm temps and spend some time at the beach.  We took my sister to Pewaukee Lake and she loved it.  The kids were so entertained by the endless sand, water, snacks and of course, everyone else's sand toys.  Isn't that always the case??  You pack a hundred sand toys for your two kids and all they want is everyone elses.  It wasn't really an issue with Paeton but Evan was all over it.  Oh well, we met a lot of other families :)

Thanks again Michelle for a great visit.  I hope the day at the beach helped to rejuvenate you from all the party slaving!  We loved having you here...come back soon!

Moon Dough

Paeton had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday and to be honest, was spoiled rotten by all the fun and thoughtful presents from her family and friends.  Now that she's getting a little bit older, a lot of her toys require my help.  We opened the toys that she could 'share' with Evan on Sunday.  We filled a box up of the more complicated, small piece, crafty gifts and I told her that each day during Evan's nap, we could pick something out and open it up.  Today she chose Moon Dough. 

I'll be honest...I'm not a huge PlayDoh fan.  I was thinking Moon Dough would be similar but it surprisingly was not.  It was awesome!!  It doesn't stick to anything, it never dries out, the colors don't mix together and it was really fun to play with.  We made popcorn, ice cream cones and pretzels.  It was the cutest toy and we had a great time out of the patio.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paeton's 4!

The Birthday Girl

Family & Friends
Party Details
Special Thanks!
Special Thanks to my sister Michelle for flying in from New Jersey and spending a week helping me with this event.  She helped with everything from making the horse stick favors to poofing poms to cooking to you name it!  She was amazing and never complained - what a trooper!
XOXO Marlaina