Monday, February 9, 2009

Can't keep up with Paeton

Paeton is all over our house these days...we simply cannot keep up with her! It seems like overnight she discovered that our house is much bigger than her assigned 'play area' on the main floor. She also discovered that she can get places faster by walking (with assistance) than by crawling. It's so funny when she walks behind a toy - she kind of looks like a very tiny old lady. I just love it. Here's some pix of Paeton discovering our house. Enjoy :)

Paeton absolutely loving the fact that she's walking around the house.

Still walking...

Trying to run into mommy while she snaps a picture.

Close up.

On her knees bouncing up and down - another favorite activity of hers.

Crawling to her laptop to check some e-mail :)

Eyeing up the stairs to the basement - don't even think about it!

She's all about the dishwasher...

Helping mommy load and unload.

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