Friday, February 20, 2009

Paeton is 9 Months!

Paeton will turn 9 months tonight at 11:28pm. We can't believe that 9 months have gone by already. What a ride! She is truly the warmth in our house and the light in our eyes. We just can't get enough of her. And hooray - the weekend is here!

What's she up to these days?
Stats: 21lbs, 29 1/2 in
  • Crawling, standing and pulling up like a maniac
  • 'Doing the lawnmower' we say in the Ulrich house - walking around behind her little cart
  • Playing kitchen and 'fruits and vegetables' we say - she loves all her plastic toys
  • Babbling - she's a very vocal child with lots on her mind
  • Favorite Games: peek a boo, 'SO BIG', bang bang, and anything that involves clapping
  • Favorite Foods: slices of pear, veggie crackers, cheese, sweet corn puffs
  • Outings - Paeton wants to be wherever we are especially if there's lots going on
  • Greeting us after naps and in the morning by standing up in her crib waiting for us

What are we all done with?

  • The bottle
  • The pacifier

To qualify for her surgery she has to be completely on a sippy cup and no longer take a pacifier. How did we do it? Cold turkey. One day she had the paci and one day she didn't. She cried a little bit with going to bed last night but she was fine, fell asleep and slept through the night. We introduced the required sippy cup at 5 1/2 months - very young I know. We have used the cup with her every day since then, however still allowing the bottle to make sure she gets proper nutrition. She knows how to use the sippy cup but I feel we were just being lazy and letting her continue to drink from the bottle. So, we finally said 'all done' with the bottle and here we are. One day she had it and the next day the cup was the only option. And she's done great. What a champ :)

What's next?

Paeton's 'unofficial' but 'official' graduation date into the one's room at school is May 26. This all depends on her surgery so we'll see. In order to graduate to this room, she needs to be off the bottle, off the pacifier and sleeping for naps on a cot so - no more crib. We've got the bottle and the pacifier covered since that's in line with her needs for her surgery. Next we will work on napping in a cot. Wish us luck!

Enjoy the pix of our little one this morning celebrating 9 months of bliss :)

Getting into some trouble...

Close up

Sporting some spring time duds - we're sick of winter.

Practicing her favorite game/song from Gymboree - Freeze :)

Out little 'scooby' - her latest nickname.

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