Friday, February 27, 2009

Tye-Dyed Paeton - My Little Free Spirit :)

We received a package from my mom yesterday with lots of fun things in it including some tye dyed clothing for Paeton that my sister and her had picked out. Here's some pix of one of the items she sent - this adorable dress. They got all the items at a store called Chilly Kids in PA. I feel the website doesn't do the clothing justice - it really is nice and original stuff. She looked so cute this morning for school; I couldn't resist snapping a few shots before we left the house.

Thanks Grandma Marx and Auntie Michelle!

Paeton knows the sound of the camera when I turn it on and is always ready to smile :)

Close Up.

Clapping for picture time.

My little love.

Trying to climb on mommy.

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