Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Monteiro/Tinney Wedding

Saturday, we attended the Monteiro/Tinney wedding which was held in a suburb of Philadelphia. Gerrianne (the bride) and I have known each other since we were 4 years old. We met at Feigley's School of Gymnastics in a Saturday morning class. Our dads kept running into each other as they would venture to the same Dunkin' Donuts each week for coffee and delicious boston creme donuts. From their Saturday coffee and donuts stemmed many playdates for Gerrianne and I. Our families became very close with Gerrianne's parent's becoming Michelle's godparents. Gerrianne and I travelled to China together when we were 12 years old and even managed to buy the same senior prom dress without knowing it!

We were so happy to be a part of their wedding celebration even with an 8 month old child. Jodi and I were completely stressed out during the ceremony, praying that she wouldn't make a peep. And she didn't! Jodi put her down for a nap in his arms just before the ceremony began and she stayed sleeping the entire time. We checked into our hotel after the ceremony, fed P a snack and then headed to the cocktail hour and reception. I've recapped our day below. What a wonderful time we had - thanks Gerrianne and Dennis for a great party!

Gerrianne and Dennis walking down the aisle after the ceremony.
Paeton entertaining herself at the cocktail hour with her Brewers book.

Michelle, Paeton and I at the cocktail hour.
Close up of our centerpiece flowers.

Michelle, Mom and I at our table at the reception.
Michelle and her boyfriend Jason.

Paeton and Aunt Michelle discussing what songs to request.

Paeton LOVES her Aunt Michelle.
Paeton eating dinner at the reception.

Paeton, me, Gerrianne and Michelle on the dance floor.
The reception hall.
Grandpa Marx and Paeton having some quiet time at the reception.

Paeton and mommy dancing to 'Girls just want to have fun'.

Michelle, Paeton and I still on the dance floor :)

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