Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paeton's First Dentist Appointment

Paeton had her first dentist appointment this morning with Dr.Strupp. He told me while I was pregnant that as soon as she had her first tooth, she could come and see him. Well - she was 3 months when she got her first tooth so we waited till almost 9 months and brought her in today. He wanted me to sit in the chair and have her sit on my lap. I explained to him that I'm an "all or nothing" mom - if she learns now to sit in my lap, she will always want to in the future and I don't want my 10 year old getting braces sitting on my lap! So, we put her in the big chair all by herself and she did great.

She got a Dora toothbrush and some fun dental things to take home with her. We counted her teeth and let her practice brushing her teeth. Paeton LOVES to brush her teeth every day. In fact, as soon as she gets in the bath tub each night, she reaches for her toothbrush and lets me know it's time to brush. What a great visit we had!

Paeton sitting in the chair like a big girl. She listening to Dr.Strupp talk about how to take care of her teeth. She also got to pick which show she wanted to watch on t.v. during her visit. She crossed her legs so nice since she had a dress on :)

Here she is showing Dr.Strupp how well she brushes her teeth. What a champ!

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