Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So...for those of you we haven't talked to recently, we just got back from 8 days in Disneyworld. Yes, we are exhausted and still recovering, but YES, we had a great time! What a fabulous way to spend our family vacation. I could recap this trip in a million blog entries but I'll spare you all the details and just show you a few of my favorite pictures. If you want the extended version, you can come over to our house to view all our video footage and turn the pages of the huge scrapbook I'm crafting :)

9 pieces of luggage, 8 camera memory cards, 7 dwarfs :), 6 maps, 5 people (Grandma and Grandpa Marx, Jodi, Paeton and myself), 4 swimsuits, 3 bags of snacks, 2 carry-ons and 1 sprinkle of pixie dust!

SeaWorld was incredible and we all fell in love with Shamu and his friends.

Paeton became quite the confident swimmer on this trip.

Our first character experience - she didn't like Pinocchio.

Her first ride - the carousel. A little timid.

She started warming up to the characters when we met Pooh and Tigger.

So much family fun! Here we are resting from the heat outside of the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in the Magic Kingdom.

Meeting Peter Pan and Wendy Bird. Paeton got SO MANY autographs!

Dad helping me haul Paeton around in the backpack carrier. This is actually the only time I think I wore this thing - Jodi should get all the credit for carrying our 25 pounder!

Bracing myself....

Paeton fell asleep on our way to meet Jiminy Cricket - he kept things quiet for her though :)

We all did our share of sweating throughout the week - here's Paeton climbing the stairs as fast as she could to get in line for the slide. The playgrounds in Disney were fantastic!

We LOVE Mickey Mouse!

Family dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate Grandpa's birthday!

Paeton and I really bonded on this trip - I couldn't resist picking up my soaking wet little girl to grab a hug and a kiss.

Paeton riding the carousel all by herself - 'all by herself' meaning no one was physically on the horse with her. I ducked to the side to give the impression she was SO BIG :)

Daddy bought a cool hat at Animal Kingdom and shared it with Paeton.

We will never forget Paeton and Jodi's FIRST trip to Disneyworld. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us out so much on this trip and enduring 8 long, sweaty but wonderful days in the most magical place on earth! We love you!

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Gretchen said...

Looks so fun! I love the hat... Jodi needs to wear that to church soon. :)