Tuesday, October 27, 2009

While mommy was away...

...Paeton and Daddy spent the weekend together. I went down to visit with my friends from college - my longest time away from Paeton since she was born. Jodi did a great job taking care of Paeton all weekend. I had no doubts - Paeton & Jodi are very close so I knew everything would go really well.
Jodi dressed Paeton in Purdue gear to support mommy's school - he even did her hair!
Jodi brought Paeton to her costume party on Saturday night to celebrate Eva (Paeton's friend) turning one. Paeton is the ladybug on the left - the one giving attitude about having to take a picture. Eva is the ladybug on the right.
Paeton and her friends - Lilly the ballerina, Calvin the cowboy, Eva the ladybug and Luke the dalmation.

The adults were asked to dress in an outfit that represented them from high school. Jodi pulled out the the #32 football jersey from a dusty box in the basement along with his old varsity jacket. It looks like they had a great time!

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