Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Recap

Sunday kept us indoors almost all day just relaxing and catching up on a few things that needed to get done. This included improving our master bedroom's closet organization, straightening my crafting area, cleaning the house and helping our poor hurt dog.

Paeton is really into her Baby Einstein and Your Baby Can Read videos - she does such a good job of sitting on the couch and watching a video (or 2!) while Jodi and I get some stuff done. I just have to say I think Paeton looks a lot like me when I was little in this picture. Mom/Dad - any thoughts?

Our poor hurt dog - Kona was playing fetch with Jodi yesterday and came inside unable to walk on her left front leg. She literally layed around the house ALL DAY yesterday. We wanted to wait to see if it would go away but I think we'll be at the vet soon.

Paeton LOVES Kona so much - we managed to get Kona upstairs to our bedroom and in her bed. Paeton joined her in there and kept giving her kiss after kiss after kiss. It was so sweet.

Jodi took on the task yesterday of adding to our already installed closet organizer in our master bedroom. Paeton saw all the moving that was going on (removing summer clothes, moving in winter clothes, etc, etc) so she decided to move her bumbo chair into the closet.

Jodi did such a great job - I just left him alone upstairs to do his thing and it turned out great. I should have taken a before picture - this area was just a bar straight across. Now we have 5 shelves and 2 baskets that pull out. Jodi is going to install one more basket next weekend and then we'll be done with this section of the closet. Thanks hun!!!

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