Friday, October 16, 2009

Smile for the camera

This is the smile I've been getting recently when I ask Paeton to say cheese for the camera. I'm getting a little nervous because we have family pictures tomorrow.

She's trying so hard to smile - it's actually pretty cute.
On a side note, the pink top Paeton is wearing says 'ESPN Princess' on it - it's covered by her cardigan. Jodi made this purchase for Paeton on his own while shopping at Downtown Disney 2 weeks ago. Jodi loves when Paeton watches anything on ESPN with him including Sports Center. He's even teaching her the signature sound that show makes - it's driving me nuts! But I guess I'd rather him teach her that over picking her nose or something gross like that.

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Amy said...

Hey - at least she's trying to smile. For family pics when Isaac was that age, the closest to any kind of expression (except for terror) that we got was him saying the word "moo". Nice.