Monday, October 12, 2009

More Pumpkins

On Saturday, we ventured out in the freezing cold to pick out a pumpkin for carving. We had previously gone to Grandpa Ulrich's pumpkin patch and received lots of pumpkins for decorating. But it was so warm that day and early in the season - we knew we needed to give Paeton the full Wisconsin experience of picking a pumpkin in the brisk fall weather :)

Here she is picking out a white pumpkin and desperately trying to lift it. We learned on Saturday at the farm that white pumpkins are grown with different seeds than the orange pumpkins however, when you cut a white pumpkin open, it is orange inside. Interesting.

Paeton and Jodi walking up and down the aisles of pumpkins looking for the perfect one.

Paeton got distracted soon after we arrived to hop on one of the John Deere tricycles that were all over the farm.

She was not amused when we asked her to take pictures with the pumpkins. That's her dramatic face.

This is Paeton not wanting to touch the hay.

If she could have lifted her arms and legs up at the same time to avoid the hay, she would have.

We ended up getting one white pumpkin and one big orange pumpkin. When we were checking out, the lady farmer person (not sure what they're called) found a hole in the back of our pumpkin so she gave it to us for $3. What a steal. We figure the pumpkin won't rot because it'll freeze first in this tremendous weather we've been having. If you live in WI and check my blog, you understand.

On another note, we had all our firewood for the winter delivered to our house on Saturday while Paeton was napping. I came outside to see the truck dump all the wood in our driveway (because for some reason that's really cool even for a 28 year old to watch) and it was snowing. I just shut the door and went back to look at my Disney pictures to remember when I was complaining about being too hot last week. Sigh...

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