Monday, March 2, 2009

Madelynn's Birthday Party

Yesterday we attended Madelynn's 1st Birthday party at Gymboree and had a great time. Madelynn is a friend of Paeton's from her Gymboree class but Madelynn's mom Sarah goes way back in time with Jodi. Sarah's brother was friends with Jodi in middle school so Jodi knows their family well. It was a reunion for Jodi at the party as he saw people he hadn't seen in a very long time.

The party was a ton of fun for both the adults and the children. We got to play in the gym in both organized activities as well as free play. We sang lots of songs and chased our children :) After the gym, we all sat down for snack and juice - much needed. We were so happy to be included in Madelynn's special day.
The Birthday Girl - Miss.Madelynn.
Paeton and Daddy as we just arrived.
The cupcake tree, goody bags and Madelynn's birthday bib.
Paeton waiting patiently on the floor mat for the party to begin.
Paeton and daddy just hanging out during circle time.

Mommy stopping for a second with little P to pose for a picture. Paeton has recently started 'holding on to me' when she wants to know I'm there. You can see her hand touching my arm there - I know, not a big deal to most but I think it's the sweetest little thing.
In the green tube.

Baby assembly line. Paeton is like a little duckling following her friend Esme up the ramp.
Crawling towards daddy. I LOVE this picture!!!
Our little bruiser showing off her shiner on her cheek...and her infamous 'mean' face.
Crawling through the tube. She loves the spiky balls.
Mommy's chasing Paeton - She's doing her mean face again.
Pushing the barrel with the other children. Daddy's there for support.
Dancing the 'Freeze' song with Mommy.
Here's Paeton participating in parachute time. She sits really well with the older kids and pays attention to where the bubbles are coming from.
Having snack with Dad after gym time.

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