Monday, June 1, 2009

Country Springs Trip

Last night I was trying to think of what Paeton and I were going to do this morning. We didn't have any playdates lined up and the weather was iffy. So, I decided to take Paeton to the Country Springs Hotel and Water Park. We had never been before but had heard that the indoor water park is lots of fun.
Paeton was definitely scared at first. She just wanted to be held. Next, she allowed me to sit in the water and she would sit on my lap. And finally she would walk on her own holding my hand. I couldn't capture any pictures of her in the water because A) I was alone and needed to be right next to her the whole time and B) I really feared my camera would get wet! But, I did manage to get a few pix. Overall, we had fun but her fear of the water has really made me want to enroll her in swim lessons. I'm putting it on my list of things to do!

Paeton taking a break from the water. I think she's trying to shake the water out of her ears :)
Getting excited to go back in the water.

The water park.

Eating lunch.
Paeton in the changing room after swimming.

Paeton putting her crocs on and getting ready to go.

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