Monday, June 15, 2009

Princess Birthday Party

Paeton's friend Sophia turned four this weekend and had a Disney princess party. All ladies were asked to attend in princess attire. Paeton wore a white skirt with pictures of the princesses all around. And yes, I paired it with a white tank top...a one year old all in white is daring huh?! She managed to stay pretty clean but I think that's because I brought the biggest bib we own for snack time :)
Lots of games were played and everyone got to have a lot of fun on the neighbors swing set. A delicious barbeque dinner was served up and of course birthday cake was the dessert. We had a ton of fun!

Paeton running around the driveway trying to decide what to do.

Paeton and birthday girl, Princess Sophia at the craft table.
Paeton sitting at the craft table picking out what pieces to decorate her gift bag with.

Annie, The Brussow's neighbor and new friend of Paeton's, helping her to decorate her bag. Future baby-sitter in sight!
Paeton sticking out her tongue - that's the arm of a little boy invading her space!
Happy Birthday Sophia!

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