Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stonefire Pizza Company

Last night we took Paeton to Stonefire Pizza Company for food and fun. She's still young for a lot of the things they have there but we managed to get her involved with several things that she just loved. This place is always so crowded - we had her wear her 'squeaker sneakers' so we always knew where she was just in case she got away from us. She no longer will walk - everything's a heavy trot or a run these days!

Paeton waiting at the table patiently for her food. She really wasn't being patient - you can see her gritting her teeth :)
Playing in the jumbo lego room.

Building a lego fortress!

Going down the red slide with daddy.
Let's do it again!
Climbing up to the top of the big slide with mommy.

In the yellow bubble airplane - we didn't realize this thing moved once we got in it. Jodi yelled up to me - what's the weight limit on that thing? We quickly got out!

Finishing the big twisty slide - such fun! We went down really fast!

Riding a motorcycle with daddy.
Playing in the train room.

Climbing to the top with daddy.

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