Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swim Day

Yesterday was such a nice day outside. We spent almost every minute enjoying the nice weather. In the AM, we had two doctor's appointments - one year shots at the pediatrician's office and a follow up ear tube exam at Children's Hospital. All went well with limited screaming :) Paeton fell in the parking lot of her pediatrician's office so we had them patch her knee up while we were there. She hated the alcohol rub. By the time we left, she was covered in snoopy bandaids between the knee scrape and the shots! Of course, she ripped them all off in the car.
After the doctor visits we drove to Frame Park in Waukesha to meet the Change Pointe moms for a playdate. We had never visited this park before. It was so pretty and there was so much to do. Paeton really enjoyed the playground and our yummy picnic lunch.
After nap, we made our way back outside to enjoy the swimming pool in the driveway daddy had set up for us earlier that morning. Paeton is still very cautious when it comes to the water but had a great time.
Paeton modeling in her bikini :)

Playing fetch with the puppies.
Trying to hide from the puppies in her playhouse.
Still holding that silly tennis ball...and crawling through the tunnel.
Basking in the sun at her pool.
Pushing the boats around in the water.
Using the end of the slide as a seat since she won't sit in the water. Pretty smart.

Finally willing to stand in the water without mommy's feet also being in there.

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