Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jodi's 2nd Father's Day

Sunday was Jodi's 2nd Father's Day. He was allowed to pick what he wanted to do that day - I think he chose relaxing because we didn't do much :) Paeton and I gave daddy his gifts before church that morning. We don't do big gifts for Mother's Day/Father's Day - just sentimental ones. Paeton did give daddy a gift of napping for almost 4 hours which was wonderful. We ran a few errands afterwards and then grilled out flank steak. It was yummy!

Paeton and daddy enjoying a snack on the couch. You can't read it but her bib says 'My Dad's a Hottie" :)

The stepping stone we made for the garden.
Even George participated....
Here's a picture frame Paeton's daycare helped her to make for Jodi.

I took a picture of a picture in our house....Paeton truly is daddy's little girl.

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