Friday, June 12, 2009

Post-Op Appt w/Dr.Jensen

Paeton and I went to see Dr.Jensen yesterday afternoon for her 3 week post-op visit and it went fantastic! He felt that her palate was healing perfectly and that not much at this point could hurt it. He removed the arm restraints and he approved her to have an open diet. Paeton is not completely ready to eat everything she used to but each day there is improvement.
Dr.Jensen also told us that at the 3 week appointment he typically can predict any future operations and at this point he feels she is done! He did not see any holes or gaps in her palate but of course we know this could change. But, to hear how positive he was about her reconstruction made me so happy. Of course I cried :)
We will go back to daycare next week. Monday and Tuesday will be half days and then a full day starting Wednesday. I will return to work Wed. as well.
Thank you to everyone for your love and support during this time for our family. We couldn't have gotten through all of this without you!

Paeton waiting for Dr.Jensen to come and look at her mouth.

Trying to keep busy in the exam room.

Paeton's new explorer hat - she loves playing pretend!

Showing Dr.Jensen her hat :)

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