Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playdate at Wirth Park

Today we met up with some friends from church at Wirth Park for a playdate and picnic. Even though it is June, we are still battling with chilly weather here in Wisconsin. But we stuck it out and some sun managed to peak through by the time we were eating lunch. I am so thankful for all the playdates Paeton and I have been able to attend during this time of recovery for her. We are not normally able to do this so we feel so blessed to have this opportunity.
Paeton showing me something she found on the ground.
Paeton on the swing.
Paeton just loves to pick up mulch and stare at it.
Paeton's first time having sand on her toes.

Paeton in the sandbox.
Crawling through the tube with her tongue out.
Checking out the other children.

Back in the sandbox - her favorite place to be at the park.

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