Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Zoo Trip

Jodi and I took Paeton to the zoo again a few weekends ago. We tried to do some different things this time than last time. First, we rode the carousel which Paeton just loved.

Then we headed into the 'Family Farm' so Paeton could run around and we could get some lunch. We all got measured.

Jodi measured up to be a 'Draft' and Paeton was just over a 'Miniature'.

They didn't have a width measurement for people like me but I did turn to the side to show off my growing belly.

Here's Paeton petting her first horse.

Jodi's staying close by to watch Paeton while the horse eats.

And of course she got to pet the goats. This is her favorite thing to do at the zoo!

Paeton really liked playing at the playground at the zoo; she even made a new friend in the house.

Paeton on the slide...

and climbing the ropes all by herself.

What a great zoo day!

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