Saturday, July 31, 2010

Children's Museum & Discovery World

Today was a rainy day to start off so we took Paeton downtown to the Children's Museum for some inside entertainment. Our first stop was the grocery store. She loved filling her cart with all her favorite items and checking out.

We then went over to the bank. Paeton sat in her car and exchanged money back and forth with this little friend.

Kohl's has a pretty cool 'Healthy Kids' room at the museum that we hit next. Paeton really enjoyed mini-golfing with dad.

She then tested her balance on these boards.

She also really liked playing this game with daddy.

After all that museum play, we went downstairs to the indoor picnic tables for snack time.

By this time, the rain had stopped and we decided to take a walk outside. We went down by Discovery World and checked out all the big rocks.

Paeton loved pointing out all the ducks and boats in the water.

We stopped a random person to take some family pix. The building behind us is where we got married a few years ago.

I'm VERY pregnant :)
We then went inside Discovery World to check things out; we'd never been before. Paeton loved seeing all the fish.

And she found this big turtle to watch.

Here she is pointing out all the fish in the tank to us.

Here's me and Paeton snuggling before lunch.

Paeton was super thirsty and hungry after her big morning downtown Milwaukee.

We had a really fun time this morning. All 3 of us crashed for naps as soon as we got home!

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