Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paeton's Toe

Last week, Paeton had her most accidents in one week's timeframe to date in her 2 years of being with us. It started with the shower incident and was followed by her toe tragedy. We were dropping her off at daycare and she got stepped on by a mom trying to show off her son's first steps in the lobby. Paeton came running over to Jodi and I screaming. We were standing off to the side talking to a teacher about her shower incident and hadn't seen what happened. We couldn't understand what was wrong. I picked her up and nothing was consoling to her. We walked down to her classroom and as soon as we entered her teacher said "Marlaina, I think you need to go to the hospital!"

I quickly looked at myself in the mirror above the sink in the classroom and saw that I was covered in blood under my belly, all over my pants. (Paeton's teacher thought I was in labor) We sat Paeton down and realized that her toenail was missing, her skin was torn and it had bled a lot. We quickly cleaned her up and got bandaids on the toe. All her friends were worried about her and kept coming over to see if she was okay. Even though Paeton was upset, I think she liked the attention from everyone.

I took Paeton to the doctor that night just to have it checked out. He said her toe wasn't broken but agreed it would look pretty gross for awhile. That mom's high heel got her pretty good!

I went and got Paeton a variety of cool kid bandaids which she loves picking out and putting on her cuts and scrapes every day. She's done a good job at all these doctor visits recently.

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