Sunday, July 18, 2010

Toy Family Pig Roast

Yesterday, we went to the Toy Family Pig Roast. The Toy Family just moved in next to us. We're so happy to have great neighbors after having a vacant house for so long. And...both parents work at Kohl's which is really neat too. They invited us over to their party - this is the pig just finishing up when we got there. It's kind of gross to look at but it smelled REALLY good.

Paeton enjoyed playing on their jungle gym,

playing games,

and swimming. It was 95 degrees out.
Most of the kids at the party were much older than Paeton. After she got over being shy, she fit right in and wanted to play. Here she is with some of the girls. She's the one leaning over the edge of pool on the far left of the middle 3.

Here's the group shot of the kids - I love Paeton's big cheesy smile here.

At this point, Chris (Mr.Toy) told all the kids to make a funny face. Paeton didn't know what that meant.
As soon as the picture was over, Paeton realized what she was supposed to do and made her funny face too. I think this is so cute! My 2 year old fits in perfect with all the 7 year olds!

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