Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Brother's Room

After many days and hours of work, we think we've got baby brother's room just about ready for his arrival. Here's the tour!

His closet: this room has 2 closets in it. One still is the 'toy closet' with all of Paeton's toys in it. This one, Jodi built a closet organizer in since it just had a bar in it. Nice job hun.

We moved the rocker into this room and put it next to this new shelving unit that houses lots of things including some sports memorabilia for him to look at. I love the mixture of Dr.Seuss and Sports Illustrated on this shelf :)

This is the little nook right as you walk into the room. We got this shelving unit to organize all the toys and books that are 'infant' friendly.

Jodi painted this room 100% on his own and I'm so proud of him. He really took his time to make the stripes perfect along with all the edging because he knew I couldn't help and he knew that's how I would want it.

Jodi installed ceiling fans into both kid's rooms and the carpeting was just replaced about 6 months ago. He also put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and the window seat. Paeton and I picked out all the bedding, the blinds and the pillows for the reading nook.

Here's Paeton enjoying baby brother's room. She can't wait for him to get here!
Either can I....typing this at 37 weeks preggo :)

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