Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Stuff for Summer

We've bought a few new things to enjoy this summer. This pool is one of them. It's 12 feet by 2 1/2 feet and perfect for our little 2-year-old. She LOVES it!

Daddy loves it too :) Being 37 weeks pregnant, I'm the lifeguard that stays on the outside under the red umbrella.

Maybe one day I'll be able to convince Jodi to get a pool. Right now, he's just testing it out. This pool has a filter and he gets to put chlorine in it and shock to keep the water fresh. He's been testing the water with ph strips and even is going to get a skimmer. Good practice for when we get the real thing!

We got Paeton a tee so she can practice for tee-ball next year. So far, she seems to like it and she's pretty good at connecting with the ball.

Kona and Brewer run after the balls and bring them back - they are the fielders.

We also bought a new patio set. Yay! We had had ours for about 5 years so we were due for a new set. And terrible overnight storm put the finishing touches on our last set just in time for a July 4th weekend clearance sale. Plus, they didn't have anymore in stock so we got 15% off the floor model which was already 50% off. Sold!
We've all really been enjoying this summer and having a 2 year old who is so much fun!

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