Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paeton vs. The Shower Door

Let me start to explain this picture. We came home from the 'Toy Family Pig Roast' very hot and sweaty. Paeton has recently (within the past week) started to enjoy taking showers. For a VERY long time, she has been scared of the shower but all of a sudden she likes it. Her and I hopped in the shower to get cleaned up from the party. Jodi left to take the dogs for a walk. I got out of the shower to dry off and she told me '2 minutes' - meaning she wanted to stay in for 2 more minutes. I leaned over to put my hair up in a towel and 'CRASH', the left hand shower door came falling to the ground and Paeton started screaming. I immediately freaked out.

Paeton was holding onto the bar that is shown in this picture here. I didn't know what happened but I knew I needed to get her out of the shower asap. I stepped through the glass and scooped her up throwing a towel on the ground to walk on. She was already bleeding from several spots pretty good so I knew I needed to get her out of there, find Jodi and get to a doctor. I quickly rinsed her off in her bathroom and took note of all the places that were bleeding. Her wrist was by far the worst - a piece of glass must of come from the top of the door and gotten her pretty good. I threw on the first pair of pants, shirt and shoes I could find, wrapped her naked in a towel and put her in the car.

To complicate matters, I had to drive Jodi's car (stick shift, 37 weeks pregnant, hysterical) to go find him in the neighborhood. The carseat was in Jodi's car because our other vehicle was getting new brakes. I found him within 30 seconds of driving and somehow managed to relay to him through my hysteria that we needed to go to the ER with Paeton. He hopped in with the dogs and we drove home to drop the dogs off.
We went to our trusty urgent care right up the road from our house and our neighbor, Dr.Bob was on duty. He took her back right away without any questions or asking for paperwork. He inspected her along with 3 nurses and bandaged up her cuts. She had a few on her feet but the worst was her left wrist and hand. Paeton was an absolute angel the entire time and was rewarded with many stickers from the nurses. She didn't need a stitch in her wrist but they did put some sort of 'glue' on it to hold the cut together. She's very proud of her bandages.
I only had a few cuts on my feet; nothing too bad. Jodi definitely helped to keep me calm even though I was a wreck. The nurses and Dr.Bob said "Wow, Paeton is so calm and doing such a great job. She hasn't cried once. We think it's because her parents are so relaxed and keeping such a cool head about this." Jodi and I just looked at each other...they should have seen me on the way to the hospital....DISASTER.
We feel very blessed that nothing worse happened and that our little Paeton is okay. We came home, put her to bed and started cleaning up the mess. Jodi is at Lowes right now looking at new shower doors...we're considering just a curtain at this point.
In hindsight, we do think Paeton hit the shower door with the sprayer and that may have cause the crumble. We're still investigating the cause.

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