Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have never liked crocs till Paeton came along. In fact, I think I took a vow a long time ago that I would never buy them. I have tons of friends and family that love them but I always thought they were ugly and a trend I couldn't wait to pass. But...when I spotted the 'baby crocs' in the store a few months ago I couldn't resist. Paeton loves them to death - she not only loves her own but she loves the ones on other people's feet too! We have to pull her away from everyone's crocs. Here's Paeton modeling her crocs.

She won't put pants on but she'll put shoes on!

She loves to bend down and stick her fingers in the holes. Whatever keeps her happy I guess!
The look of fear when I told her it's time for bath and the crocs need to go in her closet for the night.

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