Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eating from a bowl

One of the things we're working on with Paeton right now is eating off of plates and bowls instead of the table or her tray. She needs to be able to do this when she graduates to the toddler room in 8 weeks! When we first started giving her food in a bowl, she would chuck the bowl right off the table giving Kona and Brewer an unexpected treat :) Well...we've outsmarted her now - suction cup dishes are the greatest thing ever! She will learn to eat from the dishes and focus more on eating and getting the food out than throwing the bowl. Once she gets over her fetish with the dish we will move to normal plates and bowls. Such an "Ah Ha" moment in our home :)

Paeton eating from her bowl - that's suction cupped to the table :)

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