Friday, March 13, 2009

New Plush from Co-Workers

Paeton received 2 new stuffed friends this week and she has been breaking them in as best as she knows how - with her mouth!
Here's her new panda bear that she received from my co-worker June. June just got back from 3 weeks in Asia and so wonderfully thought of Paeton on her trip. I placed the panda on the shelf by our microwave and Paeton found it within seconds.
Greeting the bear "Paeton Style".
Just can't get enough.
The woman I share a cube with, Kennie, gave Paeton this bee the other day and Paeton just loves it. The wings have that "crinkly" material in them and the bee has a huge pointed nose that fits perfectly in her mouth.

Still chewing on the bee 10 minutes later.

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