Friday, March 13, 2009

Trying to cook dinner with a 9 month old

5-5:30pm in my house every night is hectic! Upon getting home, the dogs need to be let out, coats/hats/gloves/boots and all other necessary WI winter gear needs to be removed from P and I, I have to pee, she needs a diaper change and EVERYONE'S hungry including the cat. Yikes! Someone I survive this every night with the simple thought that this will be worse when I have more children! Being a working mom is no easy task.

For a long time, Paeton would stay in her play area while I cooked dinner and scrolled through my DVR'd episode of Oprah. But now, she wants to be IN THE KITCHEN with momma. Here's how that went last night.

Trying to get in my cabinets.

Mission accomplished.

Do we need the strainer mom?

Mom, let's dance together!

Mom, I'd like this for dessert. Cookies of course....
Keep in mind she knows this HER drawer and pulls it open all the time!

I finally had to put her in her chair at the bar with milk and cheerios so I could at least heat up some leftovers!

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