Monday, March 23, 2009

Going to see the Easter Bunny

We decided to take Paeton to Sprecher Brewery on Sunday after church to see the Easter Bunny and take a tour. Here's the recap with pix.
Here's Paeton before church on Sunday.

Here's my curious little child always in my cabinets. Sorry for the sun glare but in my eyes, at least it was shining!!!!
Yes honey, I put a bow in your hair and no honey, it doesn't hurt.
Ready to get her coat on and get in the car. Jodi and I were packing for the day.
Here we are on the tour at the Sprecher brewery. They make beer and soda. The tour was only about 25 minutes which was enough for a 10 month old!

Here's where it all happens.
Now here's Paeton meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time. It didn't go so well as you can see. What they do is take a picture of your child with the bunny and then print soda labels that say "Happy Easter 2009" and you can buy a case to take home. We were really stressed at this point since she clearly hated the bunny.
The photographer had a great idea to have Paeton sit on Jodi's lap while I entertained her to get her to smile. She then had Jodi lean as far as possible out of the picture so they could crop it with just her and the bunny in the picture. It worked perfectly!

Shortly thereafter, she crashed in her stroller for a nap and Jodi and I enjoyed our free beer/soda tickets in the beer tent at the brewery :)
And here's a sample of the finished product. We took home 36 bottles of cherry cola and root beer adorned with our little monkey's picture with the easter bunny.
Even though it's fuzzy, here's a close up of the labels they made for us. Happy Easter 2009!

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